Book Chapter

Book Cover: Craniofacial Identification

Facial ageing

Hunter, D. W. , Tiddeman, B. P. & Perrett, D. I. 2012 In: Craniofacial Identification. Wilkinson, C. & Rynn, C. (eds.).Cambridge University Press, p. 57.

In this chapter we outline current research into [visual] face ageing and explore both computational methods and perceived results. We describe methods to digitally alter an image of a human face of known age, such that the image becomes an estimation of the same person appearently aged by a set amount.

Title Craniofacial Identification
Editors Caroline Wilkinson, Chris Rynn
Publisher Cambridge University Press
Publication date 2012
Pages 57
ISBN (Print) 978-0-521-76862-7
State In press